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Movlab Spring School 2012


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MovLab Spring School – 2012

As last three years, 2012 MovLab Spring School is a concentrate 3 days Advanced Studies Course and brings together specialized scientific topics and applied laboratory resources of MovLab in the area of Biomechanics. The contents of the Spring School are directly related to the scope of the Biomechanics of Movement as a scientific area of interaction knowledge.

The goals will be achieved by the contribution of world top prestigious scientists and by the high skilled Equine Biomechanics project team. Not excluding any participation is important to note the very special presence of Professor Hilary Clayton (College of Veterinary Medicine of the Michigan State University). From the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”, the presence of Professor Enrique Navarro and Professor Fernando Viscaíno also member of the Federación Hípica Española.

MovLab Spring School – 2012, is dedicated to Equine Biomechanics within the scope of action of the project (PTDC/CVT/113480/2009) supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) – Equine biomechanics: kinematic and dynamometric analysis of the normal equine locomotion and comparison of the effect of different conformations and orthopedic treatments.

MovLab Spring School: João MCS Abrantes, PhD

The Venue
MovLab Spring School – 2012, will be held at Building “U” and MovLab facilities – Campus of Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Campo Grande, 376, Lisboa, Portugal.

Please see: MAPS and Directions The comfortable lecture auditorium in Building “U” provides outstanding audio-visual facilities and extra space for the limited number of participants. The MovLab is a 120 square meters working facility equipped with a Motion-Capture Vicon Mx System (8 MX1.3 + 2 MX2.0 cameras) synchronized with a force plate (AMTI-BP400600), 2 pressure plates (RsScan, 2 meters long) and digital video equipment.

The MovLab Spring School 2012 scope
MovLab Spring School 2012
Equine Biomechanics
1st to 3rd March, 2012

Biomechanics of Movement is the study of the force displacement mechanical output by a biological system. Equine biomechanics adapts this study to the mechanical output in horses and can be used as an assessment tool to study the movement pattern characteristics of horses free from pathologies or to compare different conformations or the results of treatments.

The kinematics and kinetics of the different interlimb movements is a topic of relevance in anatomy, semiology, diagnosis and treatment. Equine surgeons and scientists are especially interested in this field of research because horses have a high incidence of locomotion diseases, which are the most important cause of consultation in equine medicine. Biomechanical assessments can be helpful to objectively assess a horse’s potential aptitudes, identify the areas that need focusing in the study of different treatments of specific orthopaedic pathologies and in the training of both horse and rider.

Equine gait analysis is a subject of rapidly increasing interest in veterinary medicine and to which the international scientific community is looking attentively. The Equine Biomechanics within the MovLab Spring School 2012 will contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences on the aforementioned areas.

MovLab Directors:
João MCS Abrantes

Filipe C Luz

Carla Meneses Ales
Av. do Campo Grande, 376
1749-024 Lisboa, Portugal