O evento MovLab Spring School 2016 será limitado a 30 participantes. A selecção será feita de acordo com a ordem de registo.

MovLab Spring School Speakers

"With extensive experience in training and sporting activity, stood out even as a coach of high performance athletes, which includes the player “Frederico Gil (62 Atp)”


Paulo Sanches

( School Sports Local Coordinator (Sintra, Portugal) )

Vitor is responsible for the education of Tennis Coaches for the Portuguese Tennis Federation (FPT). He is a physical Trainer at the National Tennis Training Centre (Maia) and Coordinator of FPT’s School Tennis Program for the city of Maia


Vitor Cabral

( International Tennis Federation )

All my life I have been focused on excellence. I am only satisfied when everybody and everything that is connected to me, reach their full potential.


César Coutinho

( MTA Performance Teams, Director )

For the past 20 years he has worked both as a Tennis and performance coach with several professional athletes such as Maria João Koehler (102 WTA) Neuza Silva (133 WTA) and Nina Bratchikova (143 WTA) and currently working with Rui Machado (59 ATP), Pedro Sousa (199 ATP), Tiago Cação (57 ITF U18)


Paulo Figueiredo

( Tennis coach )

Yearly, since 2009, “MovLab Spring School” is organized on the scope of Biomechanics specifics areas or interactions of this discipline with other scientific areas.


João MCS Abrantes

( MovLab Chair )

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Créditos IPDJ

O evento MovLab Spring School 2016 aguarda parecer do Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude (IPDJ) para a indicação do número de créditos a atribuir nesta formação. Esperamos resposta para breve. A FPT já apresenta o link do nosso evento no seu site. Ver em: http://www.tenis.pt/index.php/treinadores/cursos-reciclagens  

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Mocap Tennis Session (video)

Mocap session with a social tennis player. Movement: Back hand (close stance) MovLab, 02/2016

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MovLab Spring School 2016

Based, basically, on Motion Capture and specifically focused on Digital Animation and Biomechanics methodologies (http://movlab.ulusofona.pt/cms/), MovLab is in Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal (http://www.ulusofona.pt/index.php/en/). Every year, since 2009, we organize the “MovLab Spring School”, a two/three days meeting about a specific subject in the field of biomechanics interactions. The philosophy of MovLab Spring

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