MovLab Spring School 2017 will be held at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias , Lisboa – Victor de Sá Library auditorium (Campo Grande, 380) and on the MovLab facilities (Building F, Campo Grande 376). The comfortable lecture auditorium provides outstanding audio-visual facilities and extra space for the limited number of participants. MovLab is a 120 square meters working area equipped with a Motion-Capture Vicon Mx System (10 MX cameras) synchronized with a force plate (AMTI-BP400600).

Coffee breaks and the lunches included in the registration fee will be in the same building.

On arrival go directly to Victor de Sá Library auditorium (Campo Grande, 380), or for any information, ask in PUI (General Information Point)

building      ULHT_Maps01

For specific travel information please feel free ask directly to us.

Fernando Catarino – fernando.catarino@ulusofona.pt

Av. do Campo Grande, 376
Edifício F.1.1
1749-024 Lisboa,
Tel: +351 217515500 Ext: 2272