MovLab Projects

  • [EU] IDGAMES (2019-2021)
    ID GAMES is Support from the European Commission for co-create assistive games for people with Intellectual Disability to enhance their inclusion. MovLab is one of the partners from Greece (PEK/AmeA, Challedu, E-School), Romania (AAPCII ARAD) and Poland (SOS – Wychowawczy Nr1).
  • Burning Dance (2019)
    Burning Dance is an experimental VR installation aimed at relaxing the user within a close dance and colorful VR, where users produce images to create collectively a visual animation based on their VR participation.
  • Carlos Relvas Studio VR (2018)
    VR application developed for Carlos Relvas (1834-1894) – Vistas Inéditas de Portugal Exhibition at National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon).
  • Vr therapeutic App (2018)
    VR adaptive system for disgust of cockroaches in cooperation with HEI-Lab (univ. Lusófona)
  • [FCT] Biomecânica (2018 – on going )
    Equine Biomechanics research is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia  ( Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) through the project FCT – EquiPerfoRM – PTDC/CVT-CVT/32613/2017: Three dimensional motion analysis for monitoring of rehabilitation and high performance training of the equine athlete.
  • A escolinha do Jeremias (Animation Project – 2015)
    Animation project for children,co-production by Sardinha em Lata and University Lusófona, with MovLab participation through Visual Effects, Motion Capture support.
  • [FCT] Biomecânica Equina (2011-2014)
    Equine Biomechanics research is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) through the project, FCT PTDC/CVT/113480/2009: Equine biomechanics: kinematic and dynamometric analysis of the normal equine locomotion and comparison of the effect of different conformations and orthopaedic treatments.
  • Exercício e artrite reumatóide
    MovLab Spring School  is a concentrate 2-3 days Advanced Studies Course. The several edition of MovLab Spring School program contents were directly related to the scope of the Biomechanics of Human Movement as a scientific area of interaction knowledge.
  • [FCT] Infomedia (2006-2009)
    The INFOMEDIA project deals with images and how the different perceptions they generate result in different user behaviors and responses. The artificial images produced using motion capture devices and transforming it into digital information represent a brand new technology that allows the production of digital images for use in a wide variety of areas, from the mid-sphere to the gaming industry. (PTDC/CCI/74114/2006)
  • [FCT] Evolutio (2006-2009)
    The project aims to evaluate the theoretical contribution to the Epistemology and Cognitive Sciences of the class of investigations that is often called Artificial Life, and in particular the sub domain of Evolutionary Robotics.
    In a theoretical and philosophical perspective, the Project aims to evaluate the theoretical impact of the works in evolutionary robotics for theories of natural cognition, for the philosophy of consciousness or for social theory. (PTDC/FIL/75060/2006)
  • Gabiru (Animation Project – 2009)
    Animation project for children where MovLab participates in its development (3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Capture and Music)