MovLab Mission

With the mission to promote interdisciplinary knowledge, MovLab (Laboratory of Interfaces and Interactions) develop interventions to Life Sciences (human kinematic studies for Biomechanics and Health) and to Entertainment (Animation, Film and Game Dev).

To collect kinematic data, MovLab has a Vicon Mocap System, AMTI Force Platform, RScan pressure plates, Biosignals devises and software as Vicon IQ, Blade, Nexus, Autodesk Motion Builder.

To interact with the information collected, is equipped with VR Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Autodesk Maya, 3ds max, Adobe CS and Avid Media Composer.

MovLab has strong experience in movement research for health and education, due to their expertise in cross areas of interests (Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, Sports, Programming, Data Bases, Animation, Film and Games) and to the practice expanded on several R&D projects.